Archive: October, 2010

Volcanoes are coming!??

What’s going on? I’m getting reports (I have about 15 emails already today about it) that volcanoes around the world erupted last night in unison, but to make it even stranger; the neighborhood surrounding the UFORadar office (in Santa Monica, CA) smells extremely strong like gas. There are literally gas trucks driving past the window […]

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On the trail of the Indian Bigfoot

So happy that there will finally be a serious western expedition to trap and tag the infamous Mande-Burung of the Garo Hills, India. I don’t know a lot about CFZ beyond their work on pseudo-cryptids, but I do know through mutual friends that Jonathan Downes is a serious hunter and rational zoologist above all else. Anyways, check out this […]

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UFO expert reveals spate of sightings around Edinburgh

Exclusive: Ron Halliday tells STV News about two sightings in Currie and another in Slateford. By Graham Fraser A Scottish UFO enthusiast has revealed a number of unexplained sightings in Edinburgh and the surrounding Pentland Hills in recent months. Ron Halliday, who revealed his top ten Scottish UFO events to STV News earlier this year, […]

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