ET Burial Site Found in Central Africa?

I smell an investigation brewing. This case just got submitted and I’ll attempt to sort it out clearly. If anyone can source the research group that would be great. The first thing that came to mind on reading this was the famous Mount Bayan-Kara-Ula multiple ET skeleton case.

Apparently a team of anthropologists has just uncovered a 500+ year old mass burial site in the jungles near Kigali Rwanda (Central Africa), containing over 40 communal containing over 200 apparently non-humanoid bodies. The creatures are over 7 feet tall with disproportionally large heads (roughly the size of a large party balloon) and little to no discernable mouths or noses.  No nearby evidence of spacecraft or ancient human settlements were located.

This has obviously caused in instant blast of disagreement in the archeological/exobiology world, and as the story is so fresh getting further details is as yet proven impossible.

As you may recall, in 1937 a Chinese scientific research group led by Prof. Chi Putei unearthed in the caves of Mount Bayan-Kara-Ula a very similar ancient burial site, containing bipedal humanoids with abnormally disproportional heads. I believe there were not ‘giant’ sized in stature like this new case in Kigali Rwanda, and were much more like the standard ‘Tall Grey’ species we all know and fear (referred to as tall, but usually topping out at 4’).  Also discovered were ~180 stone tablets with bizarre hieroglyphics etched onto them. The cave walls also contained drawings depicted the moon/sun/stars and many painted ‘dots’ hovering in formation above depictions of mountains.

Experts in deciphering ancient written characters have been puzzled over the disclosure of the secret spirals from the cave Bayan-Kara-Ula for two decades. Finally, the professor of Beijing University Zum Umniu deciphered several inscriptions.

The grooved letters narrated that approximately 12 thousand years ago some flying objects crashed in these mountains. Chinese archaeologists found a mention of the peoples who lived in the mountainous caves of Bayan-Kara-Ula.

A corpse of another "alien" was found by Turkish cavers. A mummy of the ice age was resting in a sarcophagus made of crystalline material. The height of the humanoid male creature did not exceed 1 meter 20 centimeters, his skin was light green, and he had large transparent wings on his sides.

According to the researchers, in spite of the unusual appearance the creature looked more like a person rather than an animal. His nose, lips, ears, hands, feet, nails, were very similar to human. Only his eyes were very different, three times bigger than those of a human, and colorless, like reptile's eyes.

Not that long ago in one of the ancient Egyptian tombs a mummy of a man 2.5 meters tall was found. It had no nose or ears, and its mouth was very wide and had no tongue.

According to archaeologist Gaston de Villars, the age of the Mummy is approximately 4 thousand years. It was buried as an Egyptian nobleman - carefully mummified and surrounded by servants, food and art objects designed for the afterlife. However, as it was discovered, not all objects around the finding belong to the Egyptian or even Earth's culture. For example, among the finds was a round polished metal disk covered with strange characters, a costume made of metal with the remnants of something resembling plastic shoes, and many stone tablets filled with images of stars, planets and strange machines. The Shrine where a strange mummy was found also looks unusual. The burial was made of the material unknown in antiquity. The stone was literally carved from the rock so that the walls were smooth, like polished marble. It looked as if it was cut by a laser. Incidentally, the stone's surface was fused. The tomb was decorated with a substance resembling lead.

However, the "alien" theory is not the only one. According to some researchers, the "giants" and "dwarfs" could be a mere side branch of humanity that once lived on Earth, but for some as yet unknown reason became extinct.


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