Ryan Macleod Morris (aka 'Mac') is a Paranormal/UFOlogy/Weird Science investigator and blogger working out of Santa Monica, CA. With over a decade of experience in dealing with scientific anomalies, Ryan founded UFORadar in 2009 as an intellectual platform in which to raise awareness about issues of the unexplained.

Often called 'the real life Fox Mulder', Ryan is a professionally trained investigator that is always on the hunt to debunk hoaxers, raise awareness and prove that there is much more to this world than meets the eye. Certified as a Field Investigator under Mark Boccuzzi at Bay Area Paranormal Investigations, Ryan's fields of expertise are UFOlogy/Ancient Astronauts, Remote Viewing, ESP, violent apparitions and cryptozoological beast tracking. He is also a voracious reader with a home library of hundreds of books on the paranormal/UFOlogy.

Ryan's perpetual claim to fame and endless thorn in his side is the super-viral "Unknown Lifeform in North Carolina Sewer" video, infamous for unseating Michael Jackson's top viewed viewed YouTube video in the same month that he died (Ryan broke the the 'blob' video the same week MJ passed away).. the two viral hits publically raced in millions of views throughout July of 2009, with the blob beating it out to be the "Most Viewed Youtube Video in the World" for July of 2009, with MJ at #2. During this time Ryan became a very controversial figure due to the political reaction to the video, and a war of scientific opinion ensued between Ryan, the city of Raleigh NC, and the University of NC Biology Dept. This only fueled the fire  and the video is now at nearly 9 million views.

Mac has been featured on Germany's ProsiebenTV, parodied on UK's Channel 4, interviewed on Aftonbladet Sweden with Ulrika Johansson and featured on the popular national morning radio show "Mancow in the Morning."

Two years after the UFORadar's launch, the blog has registered 2.8 million hits and is one of the widest read Weird Science blogs on the internet. In addition to conduction investigations in the unexplained, Ryan is also a classically trained portrait painter, hard rock guitarist/vocalist and the owner of Santa Monica's infamous 'Flying Saucers Caffeine & Art,' by far the weirdest coffee house in all of LA County.

Ryan currently lives in Santa Monica, CA.