UFORadar's founder and editor, Mac is a living breathing human edition of "Weekly World News." Mac likes to think of himself as a distinguished leader, a Jean-Luc Picard type, when in reality he's much more of a Captain Kirk; drinking martinis at lunch with Uhura and seducing leggy alien ambassadors while the staff deals with the site details. Cursed with an encyclopedic knowledge of all things bizarre, coupled with a personal office espresso machine, Mac's hair may be the most paranormal aspect of the entire UFORadar office.



Ever flocculent and analytical, the hideous BattleYeti is UFORadar's administrator, webmaster and keeper of the UFORadar investigation archives. A Los Angeles native now operating out of a forest cave in New Hampshire (with wi-fi of course), Yeti is not to be messed with and is nearly ready for a 40-man assault on Naxxramas as he's learned all of the lessons of Molten Core (pulling), Blackwing Lair (tank rotations), and Ahn'Qiraj (aka complicated multi-phase battles).

He also saw a UFO as a young Yeti, which is why Mac trusts him with the site.



A ghost of sorts, vulva exists solely on the internet. All pictures of "him" are in fact one's own hallucination providing a face to match the carefully manufactured algorithmic decisions that are done under that guise. With a lack of personality, the active part which takes place in any discussions is in fact the compiled data of decades of internet discussions. The result is that all discussions are just simulations of past arguments.

This entirely artificial intelligent being ended up moderating UFORadar in hopes that the paranormal could explain his own being. While not a ufo or a ghost in the tangible world, this e-spirit haunts and protects this forum in hopes of the answer to his own existence.


Cheif Jay

Cheif Jay was dropped off at a suburban Philadelphia hospital in the early 80s and given to the first family that wasn't paying attention. He grew up on a steady diet of Saturday morning cartoons, ghost stories, and ufology. Sometime in his late teens, his watch stopped and he refuses to believe the 90s ever ended. He is a cautious believer with two firsthand haunting experiences (once as a child and one in college).

Jay and Mac go way back and he has moderated/admined UFORadar from its launch in July of 2009. He claims to have been promoted to the rank of "Chief" but due to a clerical error at the UFORadar main offices he now holds the rank of "Cheif."

The NightGoat

UFORadar's very own mystery beast, the NightGoat is essentially a lesser cryptozoological creature (that thinks of himself as feared), yet is at the same time skeptical of paranormal claims. Living in the shed behind the UFORadar offices, the NightGoat moderates the UFORadar forums from the safety of his piss soaked hay pile while snacking on the UFORadar office's garbage.



In the beginning there was nothing. Existence, but a joke. Billions of years later came 198X, which saw the birth of Tim*. Decades later came UFORADAR.COM, and an alliance was formed. Schooled in the Black Arts of Video and CGI, tim* is Mac's go-to guy for debunking (or re-bunking) viral saucer videos. Tim* is also a boxing enthusiast, and to this day he is upset that Nintendo never released Mike Tyson’s Intergalactic Power Punch.

Tim* believes, but he is yet to experience close encounters first hand.



Boroking willed himself into existence some years ago and has been trying to will himself out ever since. A self proclaimed ‘Gentleman of Leisure’ his rougish air of dandyish bohemia is often ruined by his pervasive smell and off-putting British leer. Boroking brings a multitude of talents to the UFORadar Mod team, like being British, talking about Britain and being English.

He constantly watches the skies but has seen nothing yet apart from a couple of suspicious looking clouds and a fat crow. He is known for going on long hikes where he slowly goes a little crazy.


And last but not least, AIP..

If you've never had a forum moderator tell you to get off his lawn or to shave that beard/cut that hair... you obviously haven't run into AIP on our forums.