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LIFE Magazine Roswell revelation..

Blobsters, I found this article on the always interesting UFO Iconoclast(s) blog, and thought I’d pass it on to you, dear readers. It involves the famed LIFE photographer Allan Grant and his involvement with the 1947 crash. The clock is certainly ticking on the Roswell investigation, as the witnesses and locals are nearly all deceased. […]

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Nazis were close to building stealth bomber

Nazi engineers were dangerously close to building a stealth warplane shielded from radar that could have changed the outcome of World War II. Published: 7:00AM BST 11 Jul 2009 A full scale replica of the Ho 229 bomber made with materials available in the 1940s Photo: LINDA REYNOLDS / FLYING WING FILMS A prototype of […]

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By Jess Solis The popular Christian belief is that we have one life. One life to do God’s will. If we succeed in performing God’s commands on earth, then we can enter the Pearly Gates…heaven. The place that all (with the exception of a few) wish to enter. If we don’t perform the will of […]

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